• SpringCM Uses Cloud to Track the Status of Important Documents

    Aug 4, 2015 by CloudWedge Staff

    If you use Salesforce within your enterprise, you may have come across a 5 star rated document contract management service called SpringCM. With SpringCM, organizations can submit important documents

  • salesforce conference

    Backing Up Data in Salesforce and Other Cloud Apps

    by Hadley Jones

    Salesforce (as in is a strong contender for the title of ‘King of SaaS’. Its popularity has mushroomed to make it the largest on-demand cloud-based CRM company in

  • cloud computing

    How to Get the Most Out of Cloud Computing

    by Hadley Jones

    Are you leveraging the cloud to get the biggest benefit out of it? Now that cloud computing and associated services are woven into the fabric of IT everywhere, a

  • wave goodbye

    Goodbye Active Directory, Hello DaaS

    Sep 23, 2014 by Rajat Bhargava

    There are few categories that have yet to be SaaS-ified and cloudified, and interestingly enough, the directory is one of them. Historically, directory services have been provided by on-premise

  • photographer

    RR Media Debuts Video Dubbing SaaS

    Sep 9, 2014 by Sean Shado

    One of the biggest obstacles in the media industry is being able to break into other markets. Dubbing videos into a different language with subtitles so that those in

  • McAfee office

    McAfee Announces Cloud Security Products for US Gov’t Cloud

    Sep 8, 2014 by Sean Shado

    With the US government’s “Cloud first” initiative that was announced several years ago, more departments of the federal government are looking at cloud options due to the fact that

  • Julien-Signes-Envivio-CEO

    Geek of the Week: Julien Signes

    Sep 4, 2014 by CloudWedge Staff

    After a short hiatus, CloudWedge are happy to announce the return of our Geek of the Week feature. For anyone who is not yet familiar with this series. A

  • envivio team

    Envivio Unveils Nuage SaaS Video Suite

    Sep 3, 2014 by Sean Shado

    Delivering video content to your end users can prove to be a challenging feat. Since most solutions require a multi-vendor approach, simply implementing video streaming capabilities into your app

  • afr

    Telestra Expands Whispir Platform Globally

    Aug 29, 2014 by CloudWedge Staff

    Telestra Global is an Australia based telecommunications provider. The telecom giant from Down Under has been aggressively positioning itself to begin acquiring cloud market share in regions outside of

  • Watson

    IBM’s Watson Officially Available to Public

    Aug 28, 2014 by CloudWedge Staff

    IBM has mentioned that it will release Watson as a cloud service for all to use. Watson has been released into the cloud in test and limited release scenarios.

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