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Last Updated: December 03, 2018

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For anyone looking for a straightforward no nonsense backup service, Tapnet is ideal. Their backup package provides a high-end service with unbeatable security. They have purposely streamlined the cloud backup process so that there are no unnecessary or confusing features. All of the essential components a private or small business owner may require is provided by Tapnet.



Tapnet have managed to make online backup as easy as using an online USB, which also has valuable features. One standout feature offered is file monitoring. The application monitors your files as you work and backs them up as soon as they are saved. Therefore, there is no need to remember to back up each file separately as it does it for you. It is also important to note that the service is suitable for both windows and mac computers. Further and perhaps most importantly, Tapnet offers true unlimited storage space. Other important features include:

  • Automatic synchronization across devices
  • Mobile applications
  • Online video and music streaming
  • Accessible via computers and tablets
  • File sharing
  • Online file viewing and editing
  • File versioning for up to 30 versions (only if activated)
  • File restore if deleted

Another feature that makes this service stand out is the one click social sharing. Whilst backing up all of your recent photos or videos, it is as simple as ‘one click’ to upload them all to Facebook or Flickr.




Since the service is so straightforward it is highly unlikely that you would ever need customer support. However, on the off chance that you will need them, there is a live chat function with a sales representative on their website. Additionally, Tapnet offers email support and a toll-free hotline to help with any problems you may have. Lastly, Tapnet is accessible via all major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Ease of Use


Once you sign up for an account on the Tapnet website and have verified your email address, you can select which of the four offered packages are appropriate.  There is no delay once you have bought your package, and you can immediately install the application and begin backing up your files.

Installation could not have been more straightforward, but for anyone unfamiliar with the basic installation process, Tapnet offers video support with step by step instructions. Once installed, there is a ‘manage backups’ folder that is specially designed to be as easy as using a USB. All you will need to do is select the file or folder you would like to back up and click apply.

Tapnet Recovery

Tapnet Data Recovery




Tapnet are amongst the elite when it comes to security. They offer a 256-bit military grade encryption so only you and the people you specifically choose have access to these files. Tapnet also stores your files across multiple international datacenters which means that any accidents or issues at one site will have no impact on your data.




We are happy to announce that Tapnet offers an absolutely free 30 day trial. They stand behind their product and if you are not happy, you can simply reach out to them and cancel the service. Additionally, Tapnet has one of the best pricing plans we have ever seen. For $24.50 per year (or roughly $2/month), you get a 500GB plan through Tapnet.


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