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A Practical User’s Guide on Cloud Computing

Protect Against PUPs

How to Keep Your PC Safe From PUP’s

Have you run into PUPs lately? No, not the cute and cuddly kind, but the annoying Potentially Unwanted Programs that Internet surfers frequently come across. These PUPs are almost

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    How to Share Files Between Computers

    by CloudWedge Staff

    File sharing is an important part of any organization. Files may contain important information that the employees or members may require. Over the years, many organization have demanded a

  • Cloud Habits

    How to Backup Your Computer

    by CloudWedge Staff

    Why is it a good habit to backup your computer? Is it because operating systems are not reliable? Can you lose data easily and must keep backups with you

  • regulatory compliance

    How to Download From iCloud

    by CloudWedge Staff

    iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple and is currently one of the best in the market . The cloud service works best when used with Apple products,

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    How to Setup iCloud

    by CloudWedge Staff

    Like most other cloud storage services, iCloud offers a variety of features. Because it is an Apple product, it works best with iPhones, iPads, iMacs and Macs. Cloud storage

  • Cloud TV

    How to Backup Files on a Mac

    by CloudWedge Staff

    For any operating system user, securing important files by using different file backup methods is recommended. Most people overlook this, and that can mean a lot of trouble. Although

  • Cloud Problems

    How to Recover Lost Files from a PC

    by CloudWedge Staff

    Recovering files can be very important for people who have lost most of their important data. People who experiment a lot with their PC may lose data, especially programmers

  • encryption

    How to Ensure your Backed up Files are Safe?

    by CloudWedge Staff

    Backup files are very important for large organizations and companies. Even for the average PC user, backup files can carry significant importance, especially if the PC has personal data.

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    How to Install Dropbox

    by CloudWedge Staff

    If you’ve heard of just 1 online backup service in the world, it’s likely to be Dropbox. Primarily known for its free file sharing desktop application, Dropbox also offers

  • Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibilit

    How to Get the Most Free Backup Space from Dropbox

    by CloudWedge Staff

    Cloud storage has become the number one choice for many individuals and companies who want to store and share their important data, without using their hard disk space. Cloud

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