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Last Updated: December 03, 2018

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The charm of ZipCloud comes in all forms – a plethora of features, superior usability, straightforward pricing, top level security and almost all channels of helpful and efficient customer service. Their anytime money back guarantee exudes confidence on their end, in effect proving they are a leading cloud storage provider.



In sticking with what we mentioned above, ZipCloud is fairly undistinguishable from JustCloud, specifically when it comes to the features offered. This is a huge win for customers looking for a cloud storage solution similar to JustCloud, yet with a more intimate feel. Everything you need is provided by ZipCloud’s vast amount of features. This used to not be the case as just a few short months ago, ZipCloud was charging an exorbitant amount for top of the line features. Luckily, they have since restructured the entire platform according to customer demands. The main features offered by ZipCloud are:

  • Unlimited cloud storage space
  • Unlimited computer synching
  • Unlimited file and folder sharing
  • Automatic, scheduled and/or selective backups
  • File Manager
  • Drag & Drop
  • Online Control Panel
  • Full computer restore
  • Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry
  • Geo redundant storage

Something of note is that ZipCloud states that their customers can use “1- ∞” devices per user. What this means is that you can connect with as many mobile devices as you’d like but if you’d like to use more than one computer, you will be charged a (very) minor monthly fee.

Ease of Use


ZipCloud was far and away the easiest cloud storage service we encountered. The focal point of ZipCloud’s website is ‘simplicity.’ From registration to backing up your files is a short process. For example, registration consists of entering your name, email address and a password. Once completed, the download installation immediately begins. After a few short clicks, you can choose between automatic backup, scheduled backup or selective backup, and you can customize your selection of which files and folders you would like to put in cloud storage. So, how is the actual storage process? Extremely intuitive and as easy as easy gets. Simply use the ‘Drag & Drop’ feature to ‘drag’ your files and ‘drop’ them into the ZipCloud dashboard. The exceptional usability doesn’t stop there, as viewing and retrieving your files on your mobile device is just as simple of a procedure.

Zip Cloud Backup History Feature

Backup History Feature


Pricing is one area where ZipCloud outshines the rest of the competition, including JustCloud. While JustCloud’s pricing is tops in the industry, search all over their website and you will most likely not find any information on pricing. ZipCloud, on the other hand, is rather straightforward. While it is indeed easy to read cloud storage reviews for pricing information, it is also settling to see prices laid out in an transparent manner. With ZipCloud, you have the flexibility of choosing a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year payment plan. For individual users, plans start as low as $4.49/month however if you are looking for unlimited cloud storage, payment options vary from $6.95/month to $9.95month. For business users, prices range from $19.95/month to $49.95/month. Let it be known that ZipCloud offers an anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, simply email them and you will not be charged for the remainder of your plan.


ZipCloud takes its security seriously. They use Google servers to store your data, which has multiple data centers across the United States and Europe. They employ multiple layers of redundancy. Further, when your data is transferred to ZipCloud servers, it is transported and stored using 256-bit military grade encryption. Overall, you won’t find better security than ZipCloud’s.





Just like its sister brand JustCloud, ZipCloud only offers support via email. However, the support is 24/7 and response times are exceedingly fast, which most likely has to do with compensating for the lack of phone or live chat support. They also sport a knowledgebase, useful FAQs, video tutorials and a dynamic community. With all of these options, you will find an answer within a matter of minutes. ZipCloud also has a large and responsive social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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