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Last Updated: January 07, 2018

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Overall BackupGenie deserves a lot more credit than they receive. They offer everything that other top cloud storage providers offer. While pricing may be a bit steep comparatively speaking, they are easy to use, are led by the innovative JustDevelop IT group and bring an unmatched fun attitude. For the $2-3/month extra, BackupGenie is worth it.



Now that we have established the connection between BackupGenie and JustDevelop IT, you can legitimately ask why you should go with a service like BackupGenie? Is there any real difference between them and say, ZipCloud who is also under guidance from JustDevelop IT? While there are certainly similarities, there are a few very major differences. One of the differences lies in the features. With BackupGenie, you not only have the ability to sync your data across various devices and platforms (such as iOS to Andriod), but you can store your files from several locations. Most people are always on the go and this feature should not be downplayed. In fact, many of our interns who have a Samsung S3 for work but a personal iPhone use BackupGenie as their primary storage solution specifically because of this feature. That said, here is a list of key features offered by BackupGenie:

  • Unlimited cloud storage space (upgraded plan)
  • Unlimited computer synching
  • Unlimited file and folder sharing
  • Automatic, scheduled and/or selective backups
  • File Manager
  • Drag & Drop
  • Online Control Panel
  • File Versioning (also 7-day file versioning)
  • Supports: Windows, Mac, iOS
  • Mobile Access

We would also like to point out that BackupGenie has a super unique feature that falls under both features and security, something no other storage service offers. However, we were so excited to mention it because a) we have already tested it and b) because it is a slick little feature. BackupGenie has a feature called ‘Locate My PC.’ Has your computer been stolen? Do not worry – BackupGenie can help you locate it. Yes, seriously.

BackupGenie Setting Control Panel

Backup Genie Setting Control Panel

Ease of Use


BackupGenie is really such a simple program to use, almost as easy as Backblaze. With a name like BackupGenie, we would venture to say that the brand wanted a fun and easy to use type of attitude. This is definitely an accurate description. You simply click once for the download to start and within a few seconds, you will have the BackupGenie software installed on your computer. Furthermore, storing your files in the cloud is a walk in the park, especially with their intuitive dashboard. Beginners: if you haven’t already chosen Backblaze, we recommend going with BackupGenie.


Perhaps this is the one area which they really lose points on. BackupGenie is not only a good service to use but it is a fun one as well. Unfortunately, their pricing is a bit on the high side, but nothing too crazy. Plans start at $4.49/month for 75GB of cloud storage space while the 250GB plan costs $6.95/month (for a two year plan). However, if you want unlimited cloud storage, it will run you $9.95/month. Business plans start at $19.95/month and you are allowed 5 computers for that price. Naturally, if you’d like to add extra computers on either the individual or business plans, it will cost you extra money.


BackupGenie employs the same exact security tactics as MyPCBackup – another cloud storage company under the guidance of JustDevelop IT. This is top of the line security – most likely better than your own bank. They use both 128-bit SSL and 256-bit AES encryptions pre and post transfer. Additionally, they store your data in Amazon S3 data centers which are located throughout the world. In short: no one is accessing your data.




Just like security, BackupGenie offers the same support as MyPCBackup. We should note that our readers may be suspicious about this. Let it be known that the emails are not answered in the same help center. Though each company is guided by JustDevelop IT, each one has their own separate support center. That said, BackupGenie offers support via an email ticket system. They also have a very helpful knowledgebase, an active community, video tutorials, FAQs and the current favorite – social media pages. Lastly, they do live up to the fun aspect of their service. Their service representatives are quite outgoing.

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