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Walker Rowe is a 30 year veteran of the IT industry that currently writes about computer and network security, data center operations and disk storage technology. In addition to contributing to and other leading technology sites, he has written books on Android development, cloud and NAS storage and wireless technology.

Posts by Walker Rowe:

  • archiving data to cloud

    Using the Cloud to Archive Data

    by Walker Rowe

    Disk drive costs have fallen to such a degree that the idea of using tape to archive data is no longer necessary.  Instead you can offline such data to

  • interacting with Amazon S3 REST

    How to Interact with Amazon S3 Object Storage Using REST

    by Walker Rowe

    Google expanded on an idea first proposed at Carnegie Mellon University, which we now call object storage.  EMC and other companies have made various implementations of this, but what

  • object storage

    Cleversafe Object Storage

    Mar 23, 2014 by Walker Rowe

    Amazon S3 and Cleversafe are object storage vendors.  Here we are going to focus on Cleversafe. First of all, what is object storage? Object storage means storing files with

  • edge technology

    Edge Technology to Boost Performance of Cloud Storage

    Mar 18, 2014 by Walker Rowe

    Avere Systems has an idea of how to boost performance for those storing data in the cloud.  It’s called the Edge Filer. The basic idea is to use the

  • Desktop computer with touchscreen interface

    Windows Azure Storage Options

    by Walker Rowe

    Amazon says their biggest customers are themselves and Netflix.  Microsoft only mentions themselves: Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox, although I am sure they have many large corporate customers,

  • Cloud Competition

    Understanding Cloud Computing Virtualization

    by Walker Rowe

    Cloud computing means sharing a computer with other clients of the cloud-service provider.  The way that this works is by using virtualization.  What is virtualization? Virtualization means taking a

  • manage cloud services

    The Benefits of Using Managed Cloud Services

    by Walker Rowe

    What are the benefits of using a cloud service provider?  The main benefits are lower operating costs and quicker time-to-market, meaning you can get up and running in days

  • Cloud Growth

    The History of Cloud Computing

    by Walker Rowe

    Around the year 2000, which in the computer age is a long time ago, some companies thought they could make money operating as Application Service Providers (ASP).  Sallie Mae,

  • Cloud Plan

    An Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

    by Walker Rowe

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the name given to systems that operate across the entire enterprise. It also means systems that take on more than one enterprise-wide function.  ERP

  • Global Cloud Events

    What is Cloud Computing?

    by Walker Rowe

    Google, Apple, and Flickr pride themselves on cloud computing. What they mean is they let you store your pictures, music, books, and photos in servers located in their data

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